Gluten free Vegan Pizza

Looking for an easy dinner or delicious party snack? Made with a few basic ingredients and ready in 30 minutes?  Then keep watching!

For the crust: - flour - olive oil - yeast For the toppings: - pesto sauce  - vegan cheese - spinach - mushrooms - sun-dried tomatoes


Combine flour, yeast, water, oil and salt. Mix in.

Knead for a few seconds and gather the dough into a ball.

Prepare the vegan pesto sauce in a food processor or blender.

Roll out the dough on a parchment paper.

Top the crust with the vegan cheese and the pesto sauce.

Add the spinach, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and bake!

Serve and enjoy!

YIELD              TIME

3 serves      Prep 20 minutes                      Cook 10 minutes

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